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Fisher House Guest(s) Rules, Procedures & Responsibilities

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  1. Purpose: To provide rules, procedures and responsibilities for Fisher House guest(s).
    1. If checked into the Fisher House by DDEAMC’s Administrative Officer of the Day (AOD), during the evenings, weekends or holidays, you are required to see the Fisher House manager or representative the next duty day in the morning.
  2. General Information--Cleaning, Eating and No Smoking Policy:
    1. It is the guest(s) responsibility to clean up after themselves in the kitchen, dining room, living room and to maintain the room assigned to them on a daily basis. Consider your fellow guests at all times; pick up after yourself and avoid leaving a mess for other families to clean.
    2. There is no eating or drinking (except for water) permitted in individual rooms or in the living room area. The only areas allowed for eating and drinking are the kitchen and dining room areas.
    3. The Fisher House is a nonsmoking facility. Smoking is permitted only in the designated area, which is outside in the back of the house. The use of alcoholic beverages of any kind and the use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited and will constitute grounds for removal from the Fisher House.
    4. The Fisher House frequently turns people away because all rooms are occupied. If you plan to be away from the Fisher House for more than a couple of nights you must inform the Fisher House staff. If away for longer than a couple of days, check with the manager, you must check out completely so that your room is available for other families.
    5. Please keep us informed of your plans every 2 to 3 days so that we may better accommodate you and others. NOTE that management reserves the right to enter your room for maintenance work or for other reasons. Although we will try to give adequate notice, this is not always possible, plus Fisher House staff will routinely, several times a week, inspect the rooms to ensure proper upkeep.
    6. No medical services or procedures of any type are provided by the Fisher House staff.
    7. Most importantly, you should be aware that the Fisher House is a volunteer operation, and while you are here, you are one of the volunteers. We appreciate your cooperation and any extra help you can give.
  3. Fisher House staff will inspect rooms several times a week to ensure proper upkeep of the rooms.
  4. Grounds For Removal From the Fisher House:
    1. Demand for preferential treatment.
    2. Smoking or drinking alcohol in the house.
    3. Intentional damage to the house or its furnishings.
    4. Loud noise or improper language.
    5. Removal of property from the house.
    6. Unauthorized use of rooms or unauthorized guests in rooms.
    7. Not complying with the rules established for the Fisher House guests.
    8. Actions which are not in the best interest of the other guests or the Fisher House.
    9. Not properly maintaining the room
  5. Pets: Pets are not allowed in the Fisher House.
  6. Mail: You may receive mail c/o DDEAMC Fisher House, Building #280 Fisher House Road, Attention: (Family Name), Fort Gordon, Georgia 30905-5650.
  7. Room and House Security:
    1. When guests leave their room they should turn off all lights, television, radios and close any windows left open. The room door should be locked as well as the front entrance door and the kitchen entrance door when leaving the facility.
    2. The Fisher House is not responsible for the safekeeping of valuable personal items or any items left unattended.
    3. The front and back doors of the house are to be locked at all times as well as each room.
    4. Guests will be asked to sign for keys to the front and back doors, room key and the kitchen cabinet key. The guest is personally responsible for the keys. The loss of keys or stolen keys should be reported immediately to the house manager.
    5. If a guest observes any suspicious behaviors or individuals, the guest should notify the house manager or call the Administrative Officer of the Day (AOD) after hours or on the weekends at 706-787-6019/2770 or the AOD’s cell 706-830-1405 or the information desk at 706-787-5811.
  8. Visitors:
    1. It is the intent of the Fisher House to provide a supportive environment for people visiting loved ones who are inpatients at Eisenhower Army Medical Center. Patients on pass may visit the house with approval of their doctor.
    2. Friends of guests may not stay overnight. Exceptions to the overnight policy for friends or patients may be waived by the House Manager.
    3. Any friends or relatives who visit must arrive after 7:00 AM and depart before ll:00 PM.
  9. Children in Rooms:
    1. Children may not be left unattended in any room without an adult (18 years and older) supervisor.
    2. Child care is not available at the Fisher House and any staff members or volunteers are specifically prohibited from providing child care.
  10. Telephones:
    1. Each room is equipped with its own telephone. Local calls can be made from the room but 99 must be dialed first. Long distance calls can also be dialed with a calling card and 99 must also be dialed first.
    2. Incoming calls can be received directly to each room by dialing the area code then the number listed on the telephone.
    3. Each guest is required to inform the head nurse on the ward in which the patient is on of their room number and room telephone number here at the Fisher House.
  11. Transportation: The Fisher House does not provide transportation services.
  12. Emergencies:
    1. For fire or medical emergencies dial 911.
    2. In case of a fire, a loud bell will sound, the fire doors will close and the sprinkler system will be activated. Close all doors and windows but do not lock if time permits and leave the house immediately. All guests will meet out front in order to determine whether everyone has evacuated.
    3. Maintenance - If maintenance is required in the evenings or weekends (non-duty hours) call 99-(706)-790-0988, Installation Maintenance, and leave a message.
  13. Food and Kitchen Area:
    1. Food is allowed only in the kitchen and dining areas. NO FOOD OR DRINKS ARE TO BE CARRIED TO BEDROOMS OR OTHER ROOMS EXCEPT TO A BEDRIDDEN CHILD. All children who are eating or drinking should be closely attended by an adult so that thorough clean-ups can be made.
    2. Guests are responsible for purchasing their own food.
    3. Cooking is limited to the kitchen.
    4. Children are not to operate any electrical equipment in the kitchen or part of house.
    5. Each room is assigned a bin in the refrigerator and a storage cabinet with a key to store food items not requiring refrigeration.
    6. Since there is limited space in the refrigerator, guests should not purchase large amounts of refrigerated food items. Food items should be marked with the guest's room number. The center aisle between food bins must be kept free of clutter to promote the circulation of cold air. When the guest leaves the Fisher House the bin and the assigned storage cabinet needs to be emptied and cleaned.
    7. The microwave oven requires care in its operation. No metal of any kind or aluminum can be placed in the microwave. All containers must be vented to keep them from exploding during heating in the microwave. The microwave is to be cleaned after each use.
    8. Prompt and thorough clean-ups of the kitchen and dining area are vital after use. Nothing is to be left in the sink, on the stove or on the counters in the kitchen. Dishes and utensils should be rinsed and placed in the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, they should be put away. If full of dirty dishes, add dish washing detergent (provided by the Fisher House) and start it. Hand wash, dry and put away any items which are not appropriate for the dishwasher. Put the clean dishes away.
    9. If you notice the kitchen trash container is full, please empty it out to the outside dumpster bin located outside the kitchen door. New trash bags are located in washer/dryer area. Room trash is not to be deposited in the kitchen container, it should be emptied in the outside dumpster bin.
    10. Cleaning the kitchen is every guest's responsibility. If you use the kitchen, clean after yourself immediately (sweep, mop, wipe, etc.).
  14. Laundry Room:
    1. The laundry room hours are from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM; but we ask Families not checking out to do their laundry in the afternoon or evening. This will ensure Families checking out in the morning with immediate access to the washer and dryer. The laundry room is equipped with a washer and dryer. It is usually also stocked with laundry detergent and bleach provided by the Fisher House.
    2. Clean traps and filters each time the machine is used. Clean any spills and remove clean/dry clothing from the machine promptly.
    3. Each room is responsible for cleaning their bed linens and all bath towels.
  15. Living Room Area:
    1. There is no eating and drinking in the living room area.
    2. The TV and VCR need to be turned off when not in use.
    3. The living room should immediately be straightened and cleaned after each use.
  16. Checking - out Procedures:
    1. On the day you check-out from the Fisher House, the room should be clean. The room should be vacuumed, bed linens and towels washed, furniture wiped, bathroom cleaned, beds made and all trash removed from the room to the outside dumpster bin container and your room account settled.
    2. Checking out when Fisher House staff is not present (evenings, weekends or holidays). Ensure your account is up to date before leaving. Drop the key in the keydrop box located on the outside of the Fisher House manager's office door. Place any payment still owed in an envelope and write on the outside of the envelope your name, room number, date and time of departure from the Fisher House. Before exiting the Fisher House please ensure you have all your belongings. The guest will be on the honor system in ensuring that the room is left clean for the next guest and your account cleared.
    3. Most importantly, you should be aware that the Fisher House is a volunteer operation, and while you are here, you are one of the volunteers. We appreciate your cooperation and any extra help you can give.
  17. Infection Control:
    The following tips will add to the comfort and health of ALL guests at Fisher House. Although the following information is "old hat" for some of you, for families of newly diagnosed cancer patients and for families who have other medical problems, in a community living situation such as ours, these tips are essential:
    1. Infectious or contagious illnesses are particularly dangerous to many immunosuppressed cancer patients. Report to the Manager if you or any of your family members staying at the Fisher House should become ill or if any have had recent exposures to the following: Chicken pox, Measles, Shingles(Herpes Zoster), Hepatitis B, Common Cold, Influenza, Strep meningitis, HIV, etc.
    2. IF YOU OR YOUR CHILD SHOULD BREAK OUT WITH CHICKEN POX WITHIN THREE DAYS AFTER LEAVING THE FISHER HOUSE, PLEASE NOTIFY THE MANAGER IMMEDIATELY (CALL COLLECT). Chicken pox can be fatal to children with lowered immunities; fortunately, there is a special serum to prevent a serious case IF GIVEN TO AN AT-RISK CHILD WITHIN A FEW DAYS OF EXPOSURE. If you or any of your family members should become ill while staying at the Fisher House, please notify the manager so that extra precautions can be recommended.
    3. If any family member is sick, running a fever, vomiting, coughing, or has diarrhea or a runny nose, we ask that this person NOT mingle with the other residents until the problem has subsided.
    4. IT IS PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT THAT YOUNG CHILDREN WITH ILLNESS BE KEPT AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE. Each parent should adequately supervise his or her child (children) and pay strict attention to performing cleanups and appropriate sanitation (vomit, diarrhea, etc.).
    5. HANDWASHING FOR ALL AGES IS A MUST. It is the best way to prevent the spread of germs, which may cause disease.

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