Eisenhower Army Medical Center
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New Referrals to Neurosurgery

All new patient referrals to the Neurosurgery Section at the Augusta VA Medical Center via Eisenhower Medical Center will follow the below protocol. This has proven to be effective in improving the appropriateness of Neurosurgical referrals and in avoiding long delays in evaluation. It is imperative that due to our severe limitations on Neurosurgical resources that these protocols be followed closely.

  1. Consult
  2. The written reports of MRI’s, CT’s, EMG’s, Myelograms and x-rays (no older than six months) test results.
  3. Joint Venture for Shared Services Registration Form (JVSS).
  • If a consult is received without protocol and required attachments, it will be returned to the referring physician.
  • Feel free to consult the Neurosurgery physicians for consultation so an appropriate work up can be scheduled prior to the consult being forwarded.
  • 72 hour and ASAP consults need to be called to the Neurosurgeon on call before faxing. Office number is (706) 823-2288, fax number (706) 823-1751.
  • All other consults with attachments will be sent through the Regional Referral Office at Eisenhower Medical Center, (706) 787-6420, and fax number (706) 787-6849, DSN 773.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in this matter.

Chief, Neurosurgery Service