Eisenhower Army Medical Center
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Orthopaedic & DOR

Ortho Clinic Info: 706-787-6158/6159
Ortho Appt Scheduling: 706-787-8608
Ortho Follow up Appts: 706-787-8130/9132
Ortho Med Boards/Profiles: 706-787-9132
Ortho Consult Referral Scheduling: 706-787-8608
NCOIC: 706-787-2205
DSN: 773

Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-4:00 pm (730-1600 hrs)
Closed 4th Friday every month 2-3 pm for staff meetings

Welcome and Introduction: Welcome to Orthopaedic and DOR. We are here to serve the military community by providing Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation care. Our staff hopes this web site will prove a helpful tool in communicating with you. We look forward to interacting via the net with all interested in the care of our patients, and the advancement of military medicine.

Mission: To provide outstanding health care to our beneficiaries. We are committed to providing the highest quality of military medicine while maintaining soldier readiness programs. As part of our support to this Nation's military force, we will advance the health care environment through medical technologies. We believe that our beneficiaries have the right to obtain professional health care regardless of financial or social status, ethnic or religious background. In practice, we promote the highest level of wholeness possible which is achieved through prevention of illness, restoration of health, maintenance of health, the alleviation of suffering and support the dying process. We will provide superb health care while supporting military operations worldwide.

The Orthopaedic Surgery Service provides inpatient and outpatient care to eligible members of the community and serves as the tertiary referral service for all military services throughout the Southeastern Medical Command for musculoskeletal surgical problems. This encompasses all general orthopaedic problems as well as: