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Pelvic Exam vs Pap Smear

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Pelvic Exam vs Pap Smear

What Is a Pelvic Exam?

  • This is an examination of your female organs in the pelvis.
  • It has two parts - the Speculum exam and the Bimanual Exam.
  • Speculum exam:
    • It is done by looking into the vagina
    • Cells can be collected from the cervix (Pap Smear).
    • Discharges from the cervix and / or the vagina can be collected to look for infection of the cervix and / or vagina.
  • Bimanual exam:
    • The Healthcare Provider feels for abnormalities of your female organs.
    • Cells are collected from the cervix (Pap Smear).
    • Discharge can be collect from the cervix and / or the vagina to check for infection.
    • Provider exam for abnormalities of the female organs (uterus, ovaries, tubes, vagina, cervix and sometimes the rectum).

What Is a Pap Smear?
  • Pap smear is a specific part of a gynecological exam or Pelvic Exam.
  • During a Pap smear, your provider take a gentle scraping of the cells of the cervix. These cells are send it to the lab for examination under the microscope to check for abnormal changes.
  • It is a screening test for cervical cancer or precancerous change of the cervix.
  • During this part of the speculum exam, your provider can also take discharges from your cervix or vagina to look for infection (s) in your female organs. This part of the exam is NOT a Pap Smear.

Pap Smear Myths?

Myth: I was in the ER last night and they gave me a Pap smear….I went to the ER 4 times last year and they did 4 Pap Smear on me...

  • Reality:
    ER providers rarely do Pap Smear.
    Your ER provider did the speculum exam to check for infection of the vagina and / or the cervix.
  • Your Responsibility:
    You still need get a Pap smear done every year