Eisenhower Army Medical Center
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Medical Management

Chief, Medical Management Location: 2nd Floor
Phone: 706-787-2012
Utilization Review/3rd Party Location: 2nd Floor
Phone: 706-787-5122
Lung Mass Pathway Case Man Location: 7th Floor
Phone: 706-787-2868
Clinical Practice Guidelines Case Manager Location: 2nd Floor
Phone: 706-787-4910
Absent Sick Case Manager Location: 5th Floor
Phone: 706-787-1384
Admin Support to MM Branch Location: 2nd Floor
Phone: 706-787-7468/2704
CRMC Supervisor Location: 2nd Floor
Phone: 706-787-0234
Results Coordinator Location: 2nd Floor
Phone: 706-787-3290


It is the purpose of the Medical Management Branch to facilitate appropriate and timely care in a cost effective quality focused setting. With this mission in mind, we are better able to conserve health care dollars.


Utilization Review is a screening process to ascertain that the care needed is provided in a setting most conducive to enhancing the healing process. Case Managers assist Health Care Providers and patients with complex multidisciplinary clinical management of individual and disease group cases. The Absent Sick program is focused on clinical management and coordination of care for the Active Duty population hospitalized in the civilian sector. The Consult and Referral Management Center is a one-stop-shop providing specialty appointments to patients who walk-in to the center as directed by their healthcare provider. It is the desire, intent and purpose of the Medical Management staff to manage the needs of our beneficiaries with quality of care as the primary focus.