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Division of Managed Care Contracts & Agreements

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The mission of the Contracts & Agreements Branch of the Division of Managed Care is to implement the TRICARE Program, monitor contract compliance, and serve as a liaison between the contractor and the Medical Treatment Facility (MTF).

  • The TRICARE Program is a Department of Defense program designed to enhance medical readiness.

    Why TRICARE? The Department of Defense health care system’s first priority is a lasting commitment to provide the best health care system in the world for all eligible beneficiaries. The TRICARE Program allows us to augment our health care assets with civilian resources to ensure continuation of quality health care benefits for all beneficiaries.

  • TRICARE Contract Compliance

    The Office of Contracts & Agreements staff verifies that the TRICARE contractor meets the technical requirements of the contract in accordance with contract terms, conditions and specifications.

    The Office of Contracts & Agreements staff serves as the liaison with and is in direct communications with the contractor, where together, we strive to create a harmonious working relationship and a seamless health care system for our beneficiaries.

  • Personnel Augmentation Through Contracts

    The Contracts & Agreements staff implement and monitor resource support and resource sharing contracts and agreements designed to enhance EAMC operations. These two programs are implemented in conjunction with the TRICARE Program and are designed to augment our staff enabling EAMC to meet combat readiness missions and to continue to provide quality healthcare to our beneficiaries. This augmentation allows our staff to participate in readiness training and fill critical positions during troop deployment.

  • Veterans Affairs

    The Contracts & Agreements staff serves as the liaison between the MTF and DoD Veterans Affairs sharing agreements. This program enables EAMC to enjoy a close working relationship with the Augusta Veterans Affairs Medical Center by sharing numerous resources and eliminating duplication of services between the two medical centers through a joint venture for shared services program. Some of these shared services include: neurosurgery, physical therapy, sleep studies, gynecology, hyperbarics, radiology, neurology and training initiatives.