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Clinical Investigation: Publication Clearance Resources

Getting Started

DDEAMC utilizes an electronic protocol and publication project submission, review, approval and filing system called "IRBNet". IRBNet is secured through AKO/DKO and is accessed via the DMRN web page using a CAC or AKO/DKO username and password. Projects submitted for clearance by DDEAMC Staff will be submitted directly to the DDEAMC Publication Clearance Committee. Projects from staff assigned to MTFs covered under the DDEAMC Assurance for Research will have projects cleared by obtaining a review and approval from their local Public Affairs and Security Officers prior to submitting the project via IRBNet to the DDEAMC Publication Clearance Committee.

Materials Requiring "Clearance" - manuscripts, abstracts, case reports, book chapters, etc., if:
  • content involves patients at a DDEAMC Assurance Covered MTF
  • materials cite the MTF in the title or byline
  • information is obtained from an approved research project at a covered MTF
  • author/presenter is assigned to a DDEAMC Assurance Covered MTF
Materials "Not Requiring" Clearance
  • Personal Speeches
  • Letters to the editor when expressing a personal opinion and clinical data are not disclosed
  • Works of fiction such as short stories, novel, movies, or plays
Required Actions
  • Follow authorship guidelines by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)
  • Upload all materials for publication/presentation in an IRBNet "Project" (Instructions below)
  • Complete a "DMRN Publication Clearance Project Cover Sheet" in IRBNet
  • Share the project for review and electronic signature of co-authors and the Service/Dept. Chief
  • Submit the IRBNet Project to the DDEAMC Publication Clearance Committee (Authors at offsite MTF's must obtain review and approval from the local Public Affairs and Security Officers first)
IRBNet Registration Instructions (One time registration required)
Publication Clearance Project Instructions Using IRBNet