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It is a pleasure to welcome you to Fort Gordon and to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center (DDEAMC).

The Medical Center is a modern fourteen-story health care facility overlooking Fort Gordon and the city of Augusta, Ga. Our mission at Fort Gordon is to provide inpatient and outpatient care to eligible personnel in our geographic area of responsibility and to provide care for the patients received from overseas commands.

Augusta and Fort Gordon are located in a pleasant and picturesque area of the Deep South. Facilities for the outdoorsman are available in the on-post and off-post woods and lakes. In addition, Fort Gordon has an excellent recreation area on the large Strom Thurmond Reservoir, twenty-five miles to the north. Libraries, movies, and craft shops for the hobbyists are all available on post, as well as a large post exchange and commissary, churches, a golf course and the impressive Gordon Club.

Augusta is a growing community with a metropolitan population of approximately 575,898. It has numerous downtown and suburban shopping areas. In addition to the many industries located here, Augusta is also the home of two colleges, Georgia Regents University and Paine College with which we enjoy an excellent relationship.

The city’s cultural programs include symphonies, ballet, theater and many others. Augusta is located halfway between coastal resorts and the Smokey Mountains, and within easy driving distance of Atlanta, the home of three professional sports teams; football, baseball, and basketball. As you probably know, Augusta is famous for the Masters Golf Tournament held each year in April.

Family Housing on post is somewhat limited. If you have dependants and contemplate entering into a rental or lease agreement for private housing in this area, you must first report to the Housing Directorate, Building 33601, Fort Gordon.

We are located on the Internet at Web Sites: http://www.ddeamc.amedd.army.mil/ and http://www.gordon.army.mil.External Link - Opens in New Window These will be helpful to you and assist you in making your move here as pleasant as possible. Your sponsor will assist you in answering any questions you may have concerning your move. If your sponsor has not contacted you please feel free to call DSN 773-2285 or Comm 706-787-2285 and your assigned sponsor name will be provided to you.

When you arrive at Fort Gordon, you should report to the Military Personnel Branch, Building 319, during normal duty hours (8 a.m. - 4 p.m.). After normal duty hours you should report to the DDEAMC Information/Duty Desk on the Second Floor and ask for the Administrative Officer of the Day (AOD). The telephone number for Military Personnel Branch is 706-787-5104 and DDEAMC information desk is 706-787-5811.

You will rapidly be made welcome as a member of the Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center and thoroughly enjoy your tour of duty with us.

(DSN: 773-XXXX)

Office Phone
CHIEF MIL PER DIV 706-787-3468
CHIEF MIL PER BR 706-787-2289
PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT 706-787-0136/2287
AWARDS 706-787-2295/2293
FINANCE 706-787-2288/0137
OFFICER ACTIONS 706-787-2297
READINESS 706-787-2299
SPECIAL PAY 706-787-2291