Eisenhower Army Medical Center
Magnifying Glass

Room: 3D24
Phone: 706-787-3457

The purpose of the patient record is for documenting the care of the patient. Whether the medical record format is paper-based or computer-based, beyond the main purpose of the documentation of patient care, the medical record is a tool for collecting, storing, and processing patient information. Inpatient records provide a means of communication between the physician and the other members of the healthcare team caring for the patient. All Patient record entries should be documented at the time the treatment they describe is rendered, provide a basis for evaluating the adequacy and appropriateness of care, provide data to substantiate insurance claims, protect legal interests of the patient, the facility, and the physician and provide clinical data for research and education.


DRG Information: 706-787-0097
Any questions or reports for DRG’s. Please allow three working days for requested information.

CODING ICD-9-CM AND CPT: 706-787-0097/0098/0181
Need a code for a diagnosis or procedure. Requests for code searches.

Analyzing records: 706-787-3457
Questions for the filing of forms within the Inpatient record. Record requirements, Army Regulation 40-66 and JCAHO.

Request for complete records: 706-787-3457
Providers who need complete Inpatient records. Please allow three working days for pull list. Request for inpatient records for patient care are completed within minutes. DDEAMC keeps records for five years since the patients last admission before we retire them to St.Louis.

Statistics: 706-787-2366
For any questions about EAMC’s stats, ie: Admissions, Discharges, clinic visits, APV’s, etc.