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The primary mission of the Clinical Psychology Internship Program is to train Army clinical psychologists. Interns attend weekly seminars in a variety of topics including psychotherapy, assessment and diagnostics, psychopharmacology, consultation, eating disorders, medical boards, risk assessment, combat stress and PTSD, and sanity boards. There are also experiences with case conferences and special presentations by invited speakers.

One of the strengths of the Clinical Psychology Internship Program has been our ability to attract psychologists of national stature. Examples include Dr. Jeff Younggren on ethics, Commander Carrie Kennedy in Traumatic Brain Injury, Dr. Michael Twohig on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dr. Kurtz on the PAI. The workshops are generally for one or two days, and psychologists from the local area and the MCG/VA Clinical Psychology Internship Program are also invited to attend. In addition to those topics presented by our program, interns and faculty are invited to attend similar presentations by the VA training program in Augusta. The topics vary somewhat from year to year subject to the availability of the presenters.

There are also several military specific training activities throughout the year. Interns attend a one week deployment psychology course in Bethesda, Maryland and spend a week at Fort Bragg training with Special Operations psychologists. Interns may have the opportunity to attend an M-16 and/or 9-m range.