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  • Approximately $45,000 annual base pay as a Captain
  • Tax-free housing and subsistence (meal) allowances ( approximately $1,400 to $ 1,600 per month)
  • Opportunities for continuing professional education
  • 30 days annual paid leave and eligibility for travel on military aircraft (may not be used during training)
  • Periodic length-of-service pay increases
  • Medical and hospital benefits for you and your family
  • Post exchange (department store) and commissary (grocery store) privileges which provide significant savings
  • Post facilities such as Gordon Club, sports facilities, child care and theaters which provide low-cost recreational opportunities
  • $400,000 low-cost term life insurance
  • Deferment of Federal student loans during the initial duty tour
  • Noncontributory retirement and disability retirement pay
  • Payment of travel expenses and shipping charges for families and personal goods when moving to the internship site and follow-on assignments