Eisenhower Army Medical Center
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Parking lots

Authorized users

North Lot (Adjacent to 2nd floor main entrance)

24/7 Patients and visitors; staff during evening hours, weekends & observed holidays

East Lot (Adjacent to Family Medicine Clinic)

24/7 Patients; staff during evening hours, weekends & observed holidays

South Lot (Main Staff Lot)

24/7 Staff lot

Near West Lot (Adjacent to Loading Dock)

24/7 Staff lot

Far West Lot (Adjacent to Bldg 315)

Staff and Barracks personnel

Bldg# 317 Lot

Barracks & Staff personnel

Bldg# 319 Lot

Barracks & Staff personnel

Tingay Dental Clinic Lot

Patients, Staff & Barracks residents


Exceptions to parking in the designated patient lots:

  1. When all the staff lots are full.
  2. Vehicles arriving on the campus between the hours of 2 p.m. - 11 p.m.
  3. Weekends, holidays and DDEAMC observed training holiday.
  4. When authorized by a valid State handicap permit.
  5. The PMO may provide a short term patient parking permit to a staff member based on their non-ambulatory status. Permits will not exceed 30 days and the staff member must provide documentation from the attending physician.

Special Parking Permits:

  1. Staff members with valid state-issued handicap parking permits may park in any handicap parking space on campus.
  2. Stork parking is available for patient/visitor mothers in their third trimester and post partum mothers. Staff can request a permit from the DDEAMC PMO that will allow them to park in regular spaces.
  3. Only off-duty hospital staff members are authorized to park in the patient lots during duty hours if on a scheduled medical appointment. Personnel that have scheduled medical appointments but are on duty status will continue to park in the staff lots.
  4. Special patient parking permits may be issued to staff based on medical needs. These permits will not exceed 30 days. The DDEAMC PMO is the approving authority for these permits.

EAMC Parking Map