Eisenhower Army Medical Center
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The Ways the DDEAMC Ministry Team Might be of Service to You:

  • Spritual Counseling
  • Pastoral Prayer and Anointing of the Sick
  • Specialized Ministries to Families in Grief
  • Protestant Worship Service and Catholic Mass
  • Ecclesiastical Requirements such as Communion (Bedside & Chapel), Baptisms and Confirmation
  • Religious Reading Materials
  • Information on other Denominations and Services at Fort Gordon and the Augusta Area
  • Emergency Financial Assistance Program (Speak with a Chaplain for the Details)

24 hour On-Call Chaplain

The DDEAMC Chaplain Office is served by six Protestant Chaplains and one Priest. Other faith groups can be summoned for denomination specific rites. Please call us at 706-787-6667 during duty hours (7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.) or, in an emergency, through the information desk 706-787-5811 after duty hours (4 p.m. - 7:30 a.m.).

What Should you Expect of a Chaplain?

To Be Visible, Intentional and Caring

Beside you in Training

Available to you in Leisure

Before you in Worship and Teaching

With you in Hurts and Joys

In Life and Word Expect a Chaplain to Proclaim

God’s Grace, Wisdom, Love and Presence to you

The U.S. Army Chaplaincy

The history of the chaplaincy of the United States Army reaches back to the beginnings of the nation itself. The organized chaplaincy was created by an act of the Continental Congress on 29 July 1775 upon the recommendation of General George Washington. Since then, Army chaplains have provided moral and spiritual leadership to generations of soldiers and families in peace and war.

Free Exercise of Religion

The Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center chaplains seek to protect the rights to free exercise of religious faith and help protect the right of religious privacy. When asked, chaplains will call a patients civilian clergy or religious leader and provide use of the chapel or a room for counseling as needed.

For additional matters of your faith ask your chapel staff personnel.

Literature Available:


New Testaments


Bible (Spanish)

Our Daily Bread

General Religious Activities

Fort Gordon's military religious program offers a myriad of spiritually-oriented activities for families and single soldiers alike. Worship services for many faiths, Bible study groups, music programs and retreat ministries are only a few of the activities available to Fort Gordon's soldiers, family members, and civilian employees. Contact the Religious Information Center at 706-791-5653/4684 for details.